Bike Cleveland

Bicycle Friendly Consultation Service


The final step in our Bicycle Friendly Business program aims to assist businesses with the “4 Es” of what makes for a bike friendly retail or office environment ,and working together to earn you recognition nationally as a League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Business.  This designation requires a much higher commitment to the cause, but we can help you get there.

The hardware of bike friendliness. We’ll help you learn how to fit bikes and bikers into the office. Whether its bike racks or towel racks, we’ll suggest some of the industry’s best practices for integration into your business, and help set you up with the necessary equipment to make your establishment accessible for bikes.

The support system for people to try biking. Inspire them. Build HR policy to incentivize commuting by bike. Sponsor or promote any number of rides or events in Cleveland to let employees know that it’s OK to get out and ride. Bike Cleveland will provide consultation on installing bike parking that works for you.

The knowledge necessary for confident pedaling.  You can do it and your co-workers can too.  We’ll help by providing the tricks, tips, knowledge and skills needed with our Biking in Cleveland Guide and Urban Biking Forum.

Just how bike friendly is your workplace? We’ll help develop metrics for your business, set goals, and take action to achieve them. Our program can help you achieve Bike Friendly certification at the national level, or credit for programs such as LEED, EnergyStar, or the Green Building Alliances’s 2030.

Bicycle Friendly Business