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3-Foot Bill Update, Slow Roll, Help Some Kids, Get Involved!

3-Foot Passing Bill Update Hopefully you’ve seen our action alert regarding passage of a state-wide 3-foot passing bill recently. Many people certainly did as Speaker Rosenburger’s Policy Director, Shawn Kasych has been receiving many calls and emails; thank you! We spoke with him yesterday on the phone and have a bit of an update. His […]

Action Alert: Statewide 3-Foot Passing Close to Passage

***UPDATE*** – 4/25/16, 4:44pm We just got off the phone with Shawn Kasych where we discussed the bill and what we need to do to get it passed. He communicated to us that he was conducting some educational outreach to a handful of representatives who still had concerns, but a followup phone call to Rep. […]

Public Meetings, Advocacy Update, and Baseball!

Veteran’s Memorial (Detroit-Superior) Bridge Public Meeting Riding east across the Detroit-Superior Bridge is not always an easy proposition. The bike lanes on Detroit Ave end at West 25th Street and the speed limit jumps from 25mph to 35mph. Worse, because the bridge is a large structure with wide lanes and clear sight lines, people tend […]

Detroit-Superior Bridge Improvement Plan Meeting

April 5, 2016 Anyone who rides a bike in Cleveland probably knows how treacherous crossing the Veterans Memorial (Detroit-Superior) bridge can be. The southern, east-bound lane is of particular concern because there is no bike lane or segregated option like on the northern side of the bridge. Cars often misjudge how wide they are, or […]

Make Bike Cleveland Part of Your Spring Checklist

A mild winter means an early spring! With riding season upon us, at Bike Cleveland we are gearing up for some of our busiest months of the year. Partnering with the City of Cleveland and NOACA, work on a formal feasibility study for The Midway is already underway. Our 2016 Law Enforcement Training is coming […]

Brecksville Awareness Rally Recap

Last Saturday (March 12th) we had the privilege of hosting over 200 local cyclists in Brecksville for a public awareness rally revolving around cyclist’s right to the road and our safety concerns. The event was in response to the recent acquittal of Timothy Wolf who killed two people on bikes last September when he made an […]

Join Bike Cleveland on Strava
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Bike Cleveland is now on Strava! Most people seem to know about it by now, but if you don’t, Strava is an online community of cyclists where people come together to upload their rides and log their miles. Track your rides, compete for local glory, see what your mates are up to, learn new routes, […]

Timothy Wolf Killed Two People – Found Not Guilty

It has been a sobering experience sitting in on the trial over Timothy Wolf, the driver charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, and one count of wanton disregard of public safety over the deaths of Matthew Billings and Jim Lambert in Brecksville last September. Today, the Jury returned a not guilty verdict on the […]