2018 Bike Cleveland Fundo

SAVE THE DATE! The Bike Cleveland Fundo takes place Sept 7th, 2019!

Never ridden the Fundo? Read up on last year’s information below and stay tuned for updates!

Come Tour Cleveland on Fantastic, Fully Supported Bicycle Routes!

The 2018 Bike Cleveland Fundo p/b Cleveland Clinic Sports Health returns on Saturday, September 8th as part of NEOCycle! Take a casual, fun ride through Cleveland’s newest bike networks, or choose longer, more challenging routes if that’s what you’re after.  With fully marked courses of 10, 30 and 60 miles, the Fundo has something for cyclists of all fitness levels and abilities, and encourages people to get out and get healthy. This is a fully supported ride, meaning we will have multiple rest stops along the route and support vehicles to help if you have a flat or other bike issue. Wrap up your ride at the NEOCycle Hub at Edgewater Park with your food truck ticket, voucher for a draft beer, and entertainment with us and your fellow riders.

Best of all – the proceeds from this ride benefit Bike Cleveland and the work we do on behalf of Cleveland-area cyclists!


2018 Fundo Options

  • Family Ride (10 miles) – 10:00am departure Enjoy an easy pedal through some of Cleveland’s newest and most exiting new bike networks!
  • Half Fundo (30 miles) –  9:00 departure Expand your range and uncover parts of Cleveland you’ve never experienced before. Ride includes a well stocked rest stop to keep you fueled.
  • Full Fundo (60 miles) – 8:00am departure Looking for a bigger challenge? Tackle everything that the 30 mile has to offer – then conquer Cleveland’s iconic bicycle friendly parkways. With 3 rest stops along the route you’ll have the energy you need to finish strong.

Each route is designed to explore Cleveland’s expanding bike network, and provide a fun experience for a wide range of riders. The routes are always subject to change due to construction and the like, but you can preview them here to satisfy your curiosity!


Kids Registration

May 14 – June 13th ($20)
June 14th – September 5th ($25)
Day of Ride ($30)
Price includes $8 food truck voucher

  • Must ride with a parent/guardian
  • 2 route options to choose from (10 miles or 30 miles)
  • Fully supported rider experience
  • Party at the Hub (food and entertainment)

Adult Registration

May 14-June 13th ($30)
June 14th – September 5th ($35)
Day of Ride ($40)
Price includes $8 food truck voucher and beer ticket

  • 3 route options to choose from (10, 30, or 60 miles)
  • Rest stops to keep you fueled for the longer loops.
  • Fully supported rider experience
  • Party at the Hub (1 drink ticket and lunch)

Support Safe Streets for Cyclists Just Like You!

By registering for the Fundo you are helping to support Bike Cleveland’s work all over Greater Cleveland. What does Bike Cleveland do? Here are some of the things we’ve been working on recently:

  • Worked with Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability to secure the funding needed to bring large scale bike share to Cleveland in 2016. Bike Cleveland was responsible for releasing the RFP and raising the local match.
  • Launched the “We’re All Drivers”, a public awareness campaign to humanize cycling and raise awareness around road rights for people on bikes. The campaign has seen over 800 million media impressions.
  • Trained over 200 police officers from across Greater Cleveland on how to enforce laws to prevent bike crashes and save lives.
  • Played a pivotal role in passing the 3 foot passing law in Cleveland and making it statewide.
  • Helped bring covered, secure bike parking known locally as bike boxes to Cleveland.
  • Worked closely with the City of Cleveland to help formulate and fund Cleveland’s Complete and Green Streets Typologies Plan.
  • Successfully advocated for a design change to the Opportunity Corridor to better serve bikes and pedestrians; granting safe and easy access to the new road for the thousands of local residents without cars.
  • Our work helped Cleveland qualify for the League of American Bicyclists Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community designation in 2013 and 2017.
  • Distributed hundreds of light-sets as part of our “Random Acts of Brightness” program, helping people without the financial means for costly lights to stay safe and legal while riding at night.
  • Worked with the City of Cleveland and local partners to develop a plan for a network of protected bike lanes, The Midway and the Lorain Avenue Cycletrack which have both received construction funding from NOACA.
  • Secured federal, state and foundation funding to implement a city-wide Safe Routes to School Travel Plan in partnership with the City of Cleveland and Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
  • Installed secure bike parking and repair stations in Cleveland neighborhoods and continue to work with local businesses and organizations to include quality bicycle parking at their locations.
  • Advocated for the addition of over 65 miles of bike lanes on Cleveland Streets, including Cleveland’s first green painted and protected bike lane on the notoriously dangerous Detroit Superior Bridge.
  • Have educated hundreds of youth and adults how to ride safely on Cleveland streets through our BikeSmarts and neighborhood outreach programs.

The Bike Cleveland Fundo is generously sponsored by:

The 30 Mile Route Sponsored By:

Rest Stops Sponsored By:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is my first Fundo! Any advice?

A: Here’s what we suggest: BE PREPARED! Your bike should be in good working order. Do the ABC Test (Air, Brakes, Chain & Gears). Air: Flat tires make you go slow. Make sure the tires are inflated to the proper tire pressure (it should be printed on the tire sidewall). Spin each tire slowly and look for any obvious damage. Brakes: Bad brakes won’t help you stop. Look at the brake pads and make sure they aren’t completely worn away. Squeeze each brake and make sure it doesn’t touch the handlebar. Get on the bike and ride a few feet slowly and try the front and rear brakes separately. Chain: Just because you’re in the Rust Belt doesn’t mean you should have it on your chain. Make sure the chain is free of rust and gunk. Lubricate the chain and wipe off any excess along with the dirt that always accumulates when you ride. If you’re not comfortable messing with this stuff, take your bike to your local bike shop prior to the event and have them tune it up for you. There is no need to train for this ride if you don’t want to, but you should at least take a few short rides beforehand, especially if you plan to ride the 30 or 60 mile routes. This will help make sure you and your bike are ready for the ride. Besides, riding a bike is fun and great for your health. You’ll want to carry a few things with you. A water bottle will help you keep hydrated between rest stops. While the ride is fully supported a spare inner tube and/or patch kit is essential. Everyone knows most flats happen when you don’t have the equipment to change it. If you don’t know how you can be sure someone who does will stop and help but tubes come in many sizes so make sure you have the right one for your bike. There will also be support vehicles on the route to help if you need it – keep the SAG phone number handy! If you plan on stopping in different neighborhoods to shop you may want to bring a lock. You are responsible for making sure your bike is safe at all times. Be sure to have an emergency contact number somewhere easy to find. We want everyone to enjoy the ride and will do everything possible to ensure safety, but you never know what might happen and you want anyone to be able to identify you ASAP.

Q: Where does the Fundo start and end?

A: The Fundo starts and ends at the NEOCycle Hub located at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, OH.

Q: Where can I park my bike while I register before the ride and socialize afterwards?

A: There will be plenty of bike parking provided at the Hub located at Edgewater Park. You will need to provide your own lock, we recommend a sturdy U-Lock.

Q: There is so much to know… what are the most important things?

A: Most importantly, obey all traffic laws when riding in the Fundo! Second most important piece of information: HAVE FUN! If you have specific questions, email info@bikecleveland.org

Q: It’s raining / super hot / muggy / I’m tired / Something came up and I cannot make it. Can I get a refund?

A: All registrations are final. We have expenses to pay and we’ve probably already spent the money you paid to register. If it makes you feel better consider it a donation to a great organization – Bike Cleveland!

Q: I can’t decide between the 60 and 30 miler. How should I choose?

A: Consider your fitness level and your ability to sit on a bicycle saddle for a long amount of time. Do some test rides in the weeks and months leading up to the ride and see how you feel.

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

A: Yes. Besides, it’s not fun bouncing your head off the pavement should there be a crash.

Q: Are children allowed to ride?

A: Absolutely! But anyone under the age of 18 must ride with a parent or guardian. Know that this is an open street ride, meaning you will be riding with car traffic, so make sure you are comfortable riding 10, 30 or 60 miles when you choose an option.

Q: Where / When do I pick up my registration packet?

A: Packet pickup will be available at The Hub at Edgewater Park on Friday evening and also on Saturday morning. Exact times will be included in pre-ride emails to registered riders.  

Q: Can I ride on anything other than a bicycle? Like…my scooter or skateboard?

A: No. While we encourage exercise in all forms, this is a bike event and for everyone’s safety we are limiting it to bikes only.

Q: This is so cool! I’d love to help. How can I volunteer?

A: We need plenty of volunteers to help the Fundo be cool. If you are interested in volunteering you can fill out the form here.

Q: Where is the map/route info?

A: Routes are always subject to change, but the most current versions can be found on the Fundo Routes page.  Remember, the routes will be well-marked on Saturday, and we will have maps at registration.

Q: What time does the Fundo start?

A: The 60 Mile Fundo will depart at 8:00am. The 30 Mile Fundo leaves at 9:00am. The 10 Miler rolls out at 10:00am.

Q: Where can I park / How can I get there / Can I take RTA with my bike?

A: Edgewater Park has plenty of places for you to park if you drive in to the ride.  If you’d like to take public transportation, Greater Cleveland RTA is bike-friendly.  Buses can accommodate up to three bikes, and cyclists can simply roll their bikes on to rapid trains. Buses do not go to Edgewater, but it's an easy pedal from Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. For directions by car, bike, or transit, please click here.

Q: I do not own a bike. Can I rent one?

A: You can.  There are several places to rent bikes, so check out our Shops & Clubs page and make your arrangements.

Q: I want to hang out afterwards…where do you recommend?

A: The Fundo is part of NEOCycle, a weekend long celebration of biking in Northeast Ohio. We will have plenty of entertainment, food and socializing available after the ride so stick around at the Hub at Edgewater Park and hang out with us, other Fundo riders, and everyone else at the Hub!

Q: The streets are open. Why should I pay for this ride?

A: The Fundo is a fundraising event for Bike Cleveland. We work hard to ensure that every rider at the event has a great time. We provide well marked routes, maps, and food for all participants. Funds from the Fundo are used to support Bike Cleveland’s mission to build livable communities by promoting all forms of cycling, and advocating for the rights and equality of the cycling community. If you have friends that ride unregistered and pay nothing, please encourage them to pay their way. It is not fair for you, any other rider, or any of the volunteers working hard to make the Fundo a great experience. If funds are not available, there is always an option to volunteer. Additionally, your rider number must be visible to get food at rest stops.

Q: Bike Cleveland is AWESOME. Can I become a member?

A: Thanks for the compliment! We would love to have you as a member and need riders from all backgrounds to build a strong advocacy voice in our region. You can join when you register for the Fundo, or by visiting BikeCleveland.org/Member