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Safer streets for biking is a political issue. When you choose to get around by bike, you are addressing critically important issues: personal health, air quality, oil dependence, economics, infrastructure, and safety. Making the choice easy and safe for people to use a bicycle for basic transportation or recreation is often up to our elected officials and their commitment to dedicate the funding and resources needed to make our streets safe for everyone whether they are 8 years old or 80.

This year, we wanted to clearly show the candidates that these issues are not only utterly important for the lives, safety and health of our citizens, but that they are also hugely popular. To do this we issued a candidate questionnaire to educate Cleveland City Council candidates on the issues important to biking and for the community to know where they stand on the issues. Below are the responses of candidates who completed the questionnaire to date, check back for updates on candidates who have not yet responded.

Not sure what your new ward number will be in 2014? Check out the new ward map here.

Educate yourself on where Cleveland City Council candidates stand on our issues and vote in the election on Tuesday, November 5th.

Ward 1:
Kimberly Brown – did not respond
Terrell Pruitt

Ward 2:
Marcus Henley
Zack Reed – did not respond

Ward 3:
Joe Cimperman
Carrie Kurutz

Ward 4:
Ervin Dewitt Aniton –  did not respond
Kenneth Johnson, Sr. – did not respond

Ward 5:
Phyllis Cleveland
Frank Kidd, Jr. – did not respond

Ward 6:
John Boyd – did not respond
Mamie Mitchell – did not respond

Ward 7:
Tj Dow – did not respond
Basheer Jones – did not respond

Ward 8:
Michael Polensek

Ward 9:
Kevin Conwell – did not respond
Randy Willis – did not respond

Ward 10:
Jeff Johnson
Eugene Miller – did not respond

Ward 11:
Dona Brady
Michael Masterson – did not respond

Ward 12:
Anthony Brancatelli
Roz McAllister

Ward 13
Joe Gigante
Kevin Kelley

Ward 14:
Brian Cummins
Brian Kazy - did not respond

Ward 15:
Matt Zone

Ward 16:
Anna Melendez – did not respond
Martin Sweeney

Ward 17:
Martin Keane – did not respond
Jonathan Simon

 2013 Levy Endorsement

Bike Cleveland encourages a “Yes” vote on Issue 80 in support of Cleveland Metroparks. See why here.

Vote for 80