May is Bike Month! Let’s Ride!

May is National Bicycle Month, get outside and spend some quality time on your bike! Here’s a quick roundup of what’s going on: All month: Gohio Commute Bike Month Challenge – More Details – We have partnered with NOACA and uGO to invite NE Ohioans to join a friendly Bike Month competition on Gohio Commute! Ride […]

House Bill: Lower Speed Limit and Add Stop Signs

Currently, to lower the speed limit on the street in front of your house requires an act of legislation in the Ohio Legislature. There is a bill in the Ohio House, known as HB436, that would change that. The bill, if passed will: Authorize a person who resides on a street with a speed limit of […]

Motorists: Turn right…right.

The Right Hook. It occurs when a motorist turns right in front of a cyclist at an intersection. It can stem from impatience, a misjudgment of the riders’ speed, or the belief that the rider should yield to an automobile. Even though this is a problem faced by cyclists in relation to the action of […]

Gohio Commute Bike Month Challenge

We have partnered with NOACA and uGO to invite NE Ohioans to join a friendly Bike Month competition on Gohio Commute! Ride your bike to work and use it for errands during the month of May and take the challenge! It’s easy! Just register on Gohio Commute, log your bike commutes during May (you can […]

Lakewood: 3 Days of Bikes!

Lakewood has a lot happening this week in terms of bikes during a 3 day streak Wednesday through Friday. You have the chance to head to a public meeting about upcoming bike lanes, an opportunity to meet a local author, and finish out the week at a Bike Lakewood social! Here is the breakdown: Wednesday, […]

Bike Cleveland at the Bike Summit – Deltrece’s Story – Fun times for bike advocacy

Educational, Informative, and Most Importantly, FUN. Sunday, Day One The adventure began Sunday morning hoping on an early morning flight from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, to Reagan Airport outside of Washington, DC to the 2018 National Bike Summit. Landed safely, and look what I found parked at the airport, A BIKE!!! And I’m ready to […]

The Dutch Reach

So, you’re headed down the road on your bike – line of cars to your right. As cyclists, we have learned to look through the rear window to see if there is a driver present, to watch the door seam for any sign of movement, check the mirror reflection … any clues that one of […]

March Meetups, Classes, and Events

March is the gateway month into real spring weather (whatever that means anymore) and it’s the perfect time to start really getting back into the groove of things bike related. Good news is: there are quite a few things going on in March to keep you active, engaged, and informed as you get ready to […]