Cuyahoga Greenway Meetings

Help shape the future of Cuyahoga County and a planned network of interconnected bikeways and pedestrian routes by committing some time this week to join one of 3 area meetings where your input in needed. This series of meetings about the Cuyahoga Greenways takes place with 1 meeting on January 17th, and two on the 18th. Cuyahoga […]

Get Social!

Winter is tough. Lots of time indoors, so much anticipation for better weather. We know. So let’s fix it with some some great monthly reasons to get out of the house, stoke your cycling fire, and speed up the arrival of great riding weather! January 21st: Bike Cleveland Annual Meeting Come check out what we […]

Community Meeting: Red Line Greenway

Back in October, the news of full funding for the proposed Red Line Greenway was announced, bringing this long-sought route into reality in the coming years. It will be an important trail connection between several existing routes, and those that are in planning for the future. The Greenway will stretch for 3 miles from the […]

2017: A Look Back

It’s been another productive year here at Bike Cleveland, and we’re proud of what we have accomplished on behalf of cyclists on the streets of our favorite city. Over the last 12 months, we: 1. Saw the installation of a protected, green painted bike lane on Detroit-Superior Bridge in coordination with the City of Cleveland […]

Upcoming Public Meetings

First up, if you ride on the east side you really need to make your way to this Public Meeting on Tuesday, December 19th and be part of the discussion. Whether you like on-road bicycle lanes, off-road shared-use paths, or natural surface trails you need to provide support. This is when we need your voice […]

4 Tips for 4 Season Riding

It’s here. The cold weather has done a fair job of staying away, but I’m afraid the real deal is here for a while. Let’s talk about a few tips to stay warm and comfortable – because NOT riding all winter is the biggest mistake you can make. The Takeaway: Air space is Key! Riders […]

New Products & Limited Offers

First up: our updated jerseys have arrived – and they turned out marvelous! If you pre-ordered a Long Sleeve version during the order window, it’s been shipped and is already on it’s way to you! But – we had to order a few extra to meet a quantity threshold, so if you want one still […]

Detroit-Superior Bridge Updates

The rapidly changing Cleveland weather is upon us, and it will wreak havoc on just about everything – including construction schedules. A lot of the work on the bridge is done, and it already makes things much better for riders making the crossing – so a Thank You goes out to the city for getting […]