2017 Annual Meeting Recap

We were pleased to welcome a huge crowd of current members, businesses, and about 2 dozen NEW members at our annual gathering this year.  The event was held at The Nash for the second year in a row because the historic space is well suited for an event like this, and well … there is […]

Crossroads of Change

The report from Smart Growth America, Dangerous by Design, keeps bubbling up to the surface in discussions about road safety and it’s effects on pedestrians.  At the same time, the Federal Highway Administration has come to some exciting conclusions after a long project of determining what defines a successful road design. From Dangerous by Design: […]

Welcome New Staff Members!

Bike Cleveland is excited to announce new staff members for 2017! Building a movement for cyclists in the Greater Cleveland area requires a team dedicated to fighting every day for the rights and safety of cyclists on our streets.  As you can imagine, much of what we accomplish would never be possible without our amazing […]

Bike Lane Guidelines for Cars & Cyclists

Questions about the how cars should interact with bike lanes, and how cyclists can make the most of them are common.  The questions persist because both driver and cyclist education on the subject has not kept pace with the expansion of the infrastructure itself. Let’s begin with Cleveland City Law on the subject, and pay […]

WIN! 3-Foot Passing Law Becomes Reality

After a long fought advocacy battle, Ohio now joins 27 other states to enact a 3 Foot Passing Law to help protect cyclists.  The new law officially goes into effect on March 21st of this year.  A measure of this nature is not only important to protect riders, but it serves as a very prominent […]

2016 Accomplishments – 2017 Plans

Greater Cleveland became safer for people on bikes in 2016. New on-street bike facilities, the roll out of the 250 unit UHBike bike share system and adoption of a city-wide safe routes to school travel plan are just some of our accomplishments this year. You can read more about the most recent successes below. The […]

UPDATE: City writes letter to ODOT requesting design changes to W.25th/Detroit – THANKS!

We learned today that the Mayor’s Office has, in fact, formally alerted ODOT about the original  designs proposed for the intersections at and near West 25th/Detroit and requested a variety of design revisions. The city is now awaiting ODOT’s response. In our original blog post, we incorrectly stated that the city “is currently not planning” to […]

Petition Completed: Call for a Safer, People-Scaled Intersection at W. 25th and Detroit

UPDATE 12/15/2016: City of Cleveland Writes Letter to ODOT requesting design changes to W.25th/Detroit Intersection 12/8/2016: As part of the West Shoreway project, the Ohio Department of Transportation is planning to redesign the intersection of W. 25th and Detroit, one of Cleveland’s most-biked intersections. It’s already a dangerous intersection for bicyclists and pedestrians, despite being […]