Upcoming Public Meetings

First up, if you ride on the east side you really need to make your way to this Public Meeting on Tuesday, December 19th and be part of the discussion. Whether you like on-road bicycle lanes, off-road shared-use paths, or natural surface trails you need to provide support. This is when we need your voice […]

4 Tips for 4 Season Riding

It’s here. The cold weather has done a fair job of staying away, but I’m afraid the real deal is here for a while. Let’s talk about a few tips to stay warm and comfortable – because NOT riding all winter is the biggest mistake you can make. The Takeaway: Air space is Key! Riders […]

New Products & Limited Offers

First up: our updated jerseys have arrived – and they turned out marvelous! If you pre-ordered a Long Sleeve version during the order window, it’s been shipped and is already on it’s way to you! But – we had to order a few extra to meet a quantity threshold, so if you want one still […]

Detroit-Superior Bridge Updates

The rapidly changing Cleveland weather is upon us, and it will wreak havoc on just about everything – including construction schedules. A lot of the work on the bridge is done, and it already makes things much better for riders making the crossing – so a Thank You goes out to the city for getting […]

Platform Brewing – Thank You!

  Platform Beer Co. is hosting a series of Non-Profit Fundraising events every Tuesday where the brewery will be donating $1 for every beer sold to a local charitable organization. We are fortunate to be the first one in Cleveland¬†on Tuesday, November 14th! From 3:00 until midnight $1 from EVERY beer sold that day will […]

Painting with Glass

It’s November 1st, and the very first phases of green “paint” are being applied to the Detroit-Superior bike lanes. But to call this stuff paint is an understatement. Representatives from Sherwin-Williams, City of Cleveland Traffic Engineer Andrew Cross, and a large crew of workers were out in force during this initial application & training session […]


Intersections are complicated places, and bicycles face many dangerous situations in them. Bike lanes get you down the road, and continuing straight or turning right generally do not pose many issues.¬† But the left turn is another matter. Cyclists often have to make a multi-lane crossing maneuver to reach the left turn lane. Looking over […]

Recap: Random Acts of Brightness

There are many perks to being a Bike Cleveland member, and one of them is getting invited to special events. This past Friday saw outstanding weather, an enthusiastic group of members, and an all-directions effort around Cleveland to distribute lights to riders out at night without them. Random Acts of Brightness begins with members converging […]