Bob Curran – Memorial Bike Rack Fund

Bob Curran was a Bike Cleveland member for more than a decade. But was more than just a familiar face at Bike Cleveland events; he was a cornerstone of our community—a passionate advocate for cycling safety whose spirit continues to inspire us all.

His carefree demeanor, often seen riding in flip flops, masked a deep commitment to cycling advocacy. Bob didn’t just participate; he immersed himself in our initiatives, dedicating countless hours to volunteer work with our Random Acts of Brightness program. He rode alongside us, distributing lights to unlit riders and sparking conversations about safe nighttime riding—an embodiment of his unwavering dedication to promoting cycling safety.

But Bob’s contributions extended beyond volunteerism. He took an active role in teaching youth bike safety rodeos and advocated tirelessly for safe streets at public meetings. His kindness knew no bounds, whether it was fixing a flat tire, offering tips to new riders, or championing the cause for bike lanes. Bob’s warm smile and helping hand were constants in our cycling community.

As we remember Bob as a great cyclist, leader, and beloved friend, we also celebrate his legacy. In honor of his memory, Bike Cleveland is establishing a donation fund for bike racks in places he cherished. These racks will serve as lasting reminders of Bob’s love for cycling and his commitment to making our city more bicycle-friendly.

Your contributions to this fund will help us continue Bob’s passion for a safer, more welcoming environment for cyclists in our community.

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