Bike Lane Cleanup Meetup

There are a couple sections of bike lanes that have some heavy debris in them – and we want to get them tidied up before the holiday weekend. Join us this Thursday, May 24th and let’s work together to get these zones looking spiffy ahead of the regular street sweeping schedule.

Where will we meet? Meet at Euclid and 30th at 6:00PM on Thursday, May 24th.

What will we clean? A section of bike lane on Euclid east of CSU with heavy gravel debris from road repairs, and then ride to Abbey Avenue at Columbus to rectify a similar problem there.

What do I bring? Bring a broom, or flat shovel (or both) in a safe manner. A trailer works ideal if you have (or can borrow) one. We will have trash bags and hi-viz vests for you to use.

How long will it take? This should take 2 hours, so bring lights for your return trip. Once we’re done at Abbey everyone can return home at their leisure, or choose a meetup point for some fun.