Action Alert: Lorain Avenue

The City of Cleveland is seeking feedback on five options for bicycle facilities on Lorain Avenue. The section under consideration runs from W20th (at the western end of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge) to W65th Street. After public processes back in 2013-2015, it was determined that a 2-way Cycle Track was the preferred facility along the length of this corridor. We, and other stakeholders, have been excitedly waiting for and promoting this first section of extended, protected bike facilities to become part of Cleveland’s bicycle network.

During this renewed feedback period presented as Cycling Options for Lorain Avenue Rehabilitation there are now five options presented. Note that none of them are a Cycle Track for the full length of the project.


The bulk of the funds allocated for this project are based on the inclusion of the Cycle Track as part of Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ) dollars. If the Cycle Track is removed in part or entirely, the “Eligible amount for other cycling options requires evaluation by NOACA and could be reduced.” On top of this, splitting the bicycle facilities up could create confusion and a higher-stress environment for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists as the roadway design changes modes along Lorain Avenue.

The cost of this project is inflated due to the planned “sidewalk level” Cycle Track – which requires heavy reconstruction to widen the sidewalk area and modify related infrastructure. There are worldwide examples of successful Cycle Tracks that are at street level and we believe this should be an option. Street level cycle tracks utilize planters, bollards, and other measures to create a low-stress bike facility – while allowing the existing curbs/drains/infrastructure to remain unchanged at a drastically lower cost.

Our ask is simple.

Of the options proposed by the City option 1 is the best option, as it is currently the closest version to what the public has already chosen in previous engagement processes. In your comments, ask that if funding is the issue, and will cause significant delay – implement a street level Cycle Track from W20th to W65th.

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