Action Alert: NOACA eNEO2050

NOACA is currently seeking feedback on their long range transportation plan (LRTP), called eNEO2050, through June 2nd, 2021. This plan will guide transportation investments and priorities across the region that aim to build an equitable future for Northeast Ohio.

We shared some of our concerns with the eNEO2050 plan at the NOACA Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee on May 21st:

Reading through the 600 page plan we’ve identified the following concerns:

  • The long-range plan’s strategy for addressing congestion — “Arterial Street Restoration” — presents safety and quality of life concerns.
  • The long-range plan does not seek to reduce NE Ohio’s overreliance on driving — the most expensive and most polluting form of transportation.
  • The long-range plan is not ambitious enough about promoting walking and biking as an alternative to driving, which we must do to address climate change.
  • The eNEO2050 plan doesn’t adequately include NOACA’s active transportation planning programs such as TLCI and ACTIVATE
  • The long range plan isn’t clear on Vision Zero.
  • Despite the rhetorical emphasis on equity, there are no remedies proposed.
  • The long-range plan does not advance a serious transit expansion plan or agenda

The LRTP should be our region’s vision for how transportation decisions we make build a more equitable system — one that improves quality of life, creates equitable economic growth, and improves public health. This plan should embrace our values as a region for addressing climate change and historic and systemic inequalities.

If you share similar concerns, we’re asking you, as an individual or as an organization, to sign-on to our letter (linked here). This letter will be shared with NOACA staff as well as the NOACA board of directors. We’re asking groups/individuals to sign-on by June 2nd. You can sign-on to the letter using the button below:

Lastly, we also encourage you to provide comments through NOACA’s website by June 2nd.