ACTION ALERT: Statewide Distracted Driving Ban

HB283, a bill that would prohibit driving while using electronic communications device, was introduced in the Ohio House on May 5th.

HB283 would make driving while handling any electronic wireless device a primary offense for adult drivers and will increase fines for drivers who habitually use devices while driving. In cases where a driver using a device causes serious injury or death, the penalties will mirror those of drunken driving.

47 states plus Washington D.C. ban text messaging for all drivers. All but four states, including Ohio, have primary enforcement for driving while distracted. Locally, both Lakewood and Shaker Heights have already passed laws that make distracted driving a primary offense. It is time for the entire state of Ohio to follow suit and make distracted driving illegal, the lives of Ohioans on the roadway depend on it. We need you to contact your state legislator encouraging them to support and pass HB283 and make distracted driving a primary offense.