ACTION ALERT: Support Complete Streets

The streets of Cleveland are an important part of the livability of our neighborhoods. They ought to be for everyone, whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user, bus rider or shopkeeper. Our streets should connect the places we need and want to visit, not serve as barriers because they are unsafe. Unfortunately, too often our streets are designed only for speeding cars. They are unsafe for people on foot or bike – and unpleasant for everyone.

On August 26th, Councilman McCormack introduced the City of Cleveland’s Complete Streets Ordinance version 2.0, ordinance 676-200. This updated legislation will ensure equitable mobility by creating an improved process through which to gather community input. The result will be better street designs which will result in more livable, equitable communities.

The Complete & Green Streets 2.0 Ordinance: 

-Improves coordination on road projects among city departments;
-Applies to all roadway projects regardless of scope;
-Requires that street designs must prioritize vulnerable road users;
-Requires the creation of an oversight committee to review road projects to ensure the designs meets the needs of all road users;
-Requires a public hearing for any exemptions of this ordinance;
-Establishes metrics that must be reported on annually.


We need you to contact Mayor Jackson and your ward’s council member and ask them to support Ord. 676-2020, Cleveland’s Complete & Green Streets Ordinance 2.0. You can contact them below via email and/or phone.