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Together with LandStudio and Charter One, we are launching a competition to determine a location for the fifth and final Bike Box to be placed in Cuyahoga County. The Bike Box is a repurposed, locally-sourced, shipping container that provides a safe public parking space for cyclists in heavily trafficked areas. Check out all the competition details below.

About the Competition

What is a Bike Box?
The Bike Box encourages recreational and commuter cycling by providing safe, sheltered bike parking. Placed in strategically visible locations to support existing and future bike parking needs, these re-purposed shipping containers communicate a commitment to increase healthy transportation alternatives in and around Cleveland.

The first Bike Box was installed along a busy retail corridor in the Ohio City neighborhood. Others can now be found in other areas in the near west and east sides. Charter One Foundation has provided funding for Bike Boxes in Ohio City, Tremont, Detroit-Shoreway, St. Clair-Superior, but one more Bike Box needs to find a home.Eligibility• Nonprofit Organization, CDC, Municipality / Unit of Govt (city, park district, school district), Colleges & Universities

• Support of local elected official (council person, mayor, city manager – depending on geography)
• Proposed locations are limited to private property only
• Previous Bike Box neighborhoods cannot apply
• Commitment to maintain the Bike Box
• Geography: Open to Cuyahoga County

DEADLINE for submission is Friday, August 30, 2013 (delivery of Bike Box: early fall)

SUBMISSIONS can be made via email to with subject line: Bike Box Competition or mailed to 1939 W. 25th Street, Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44113. For questions, please contact Joel Wimbiscus at LAND studio:


One neighborhood/city or organization will be chosen, based on the merits of their application, to receive a fully constructed Bike Box at the specified location. Once chosen, the winning applicant will work with LAND studio to develop the design details so that the Bike Box’s design fits in with personality and character of the area. Applicant may propose to provide additional resources to include additional design and/or functional elements in the Bike Box.

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