CARbon FREE Challenge

Celebrate National Bike Month by replacing a drive to work, school, shopping or other destinations with a bike ride, and – BONUS! – save money on gas, and compete for prizes through the Gohio Commute May Challenge! Register, log up to 4 trips a day during May, and follow the leaderboard to see how you compare to the rest of Northeast Ohio – AND win some excellent prizes! Register now and start logging trips – it’s easy.

Mobile/vehicle emissions are a leading cause of air pollution in Northeast Ohio. Carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter chemicals are emitted from the tailpipes of cars, trucks, and other gas powered vehicles and equipment. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, mobile sources make up the majority of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions and the largest share of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions nationwide.

Every car taken off the road reduces polluting emissions and improves air quality. Breathing unclean air is linked to public health issues such as asthma, higher blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory disease. A co-benefit to active transportation commuting, such as biking or walking to a bus stop, is increasing daily physical activity, which can improve overall health.

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