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Cleveland: Bicycle Friendly Community Feedback and Action

In May of 2013 the League of American Bicyclists announced the designation of Cleveland as one of their newest Bicycle Friendly Communities, giving it a bronze designation. This past week the League provided feedback as to why Cleveland has earned the designation. They noted that “…Cleveland exhibits a sustained commitment to cycling. The reviewers felt that there is still “room to grow”, but that notable steps are being made in the right direction.”

The report outlines actions the city and others can take to continue to make Cleveland more bicycle friendly.

The feedback serves as an affirmation of Bike Cleveland’s work towards making our city more bicycle friendly and provides next steps as we continue to advocate for safer streets that serve the needs of all users. Take a moment and congratulate the Mayor on receiving this honorable designation and encourage him to work with Bike Cleveland to act on the feedback from the League of American Bicyclists by filling out the signing and sending the email below (feel free to customize it as well).

Thanks for bike lanes in 2013

Mayor Jackson, City Planning and Traffic Engineering

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