Cleveland Passes Complete and Green Streets!

bicyclist on Euclid Avenue bike lanes

It is time to Celebrate…Why?

On Monday, September 19th Cleveland City Council voted to adopt a Complete and Green Streets Ordinance that will become effective in January of 2012.

A “complete street” is a street built to a human scale and not simply an automotive scale. When pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit users can safely move along and across a street, then you have a true complete street. Unfortunately, manyCleveland roads are hostile environments for people on bike and on foot. This law aims to change that.

The city joins over 200 jurisdictions in theUnited Stateswhich have already passed similar legislation – but by coupling the policy with environmentally-conscious “Green Streets” requirements, the Mayor and City Council have situatedCleveland’s ordinance among the more progressive local laws in the nation.

Here is what some of the local media and national blogs are saying about the new ordinance:

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