Complete & Green Streets Ordinance Passes

After over 3 years of advocacy on June 6th Cleveland City Council passed an updated Complete & Green Streets Ordinance (Ord. 370-2022).

This ordinance is a key step in advancing City of Cleveland’s Vision Zero initiative as well as Mayor Bibb’s commitment to prioritize people over cars.

The updated Complete & Green Streets ordinance will:

  • Improve the process for designing streets and require street designs to prioritize the most vulnerable road users and ensure opportunities to improve street safety and better street design are considered during routine maintenance.
  • Improve community engagement.
  • Establish the creation of an oversight committee to review road projects to ensure the designs meet the needs of all road users.
  • Require any exception be communicated to an advisory committee, City Council, and posted publicly.
  • Improve coordination of road projects among city departments.
  • Establish performance metrics that must be reported annually to track progress and support implementation.

We thank Councilman Kerry McCormack for introducing the ordinance and pushing with us over the past 3 years to get it passed.

We also thank the American Heart Association for working with us over the past year to get a strong ordinance introduced; the 22 community organizations who value safe, equitable mobility in Cleveland that supported the ordinance; and the individuals who spoke during public comment at Cleveland City Council in support of the ordinance.

Passage of the Complete & Green Streets ordinance is just the start. The next steps will be the creation of guidelines for implementation, written by the city administration, as well as the creation of a new Active Transportation Plan. This is important because they will set the tone for how strong or weak this policy will be. We will continue to be here, advocating for the strongest implementation possible.