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Sandy ImagePolice Appeal ImageWe have made a lot of progress in just over three years as an organization, but there is still so much to do! We’ve helped pass laws that protect people on bikes, equipped hundreds of people with lights, and provided training for law enforcement officers from throughout the region. But people on bikes continue to be harassed by people in cars, and we saw three fatalities this fall alone. If you care about safe, sustainable transportation options, and improving conditions for people on bikes, we need your help! We urge you to make a year-end tax-deductible donation to Bike Cleveland today!

We get involved. We meet with government agencies and officials. We go to meetings and encourage other cycling supporters to attend. We work on programs that get more people to ride bikes. Some of the major projects we’re currently working on include:

These are the programs that demonstrate our resolve to affect change and build on the momentum we’ve established. Things that simply do not happen without an organization like us to make it a priority. With your help, we can do more! Really, we’re just getting started, and you can help support these initiatives by becoming a member of Bike Cleveland and add strength to our mission.

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Ridership is up, and it is as important as ever to communicate our rights and responsibilities as road users. In August, we launched the “We’re All Drivers” awareness campaign that shows cyclists as people and communicates their right to the road. We know that information is the key to reducing collisions between people on bikes and people in cars, and we believe that raising awareness will create lasting cultural change.

Bikeway ImageDonate to our “Public Awareness Fund” and ensure programming like “We’re All Drivers” continues in 2016.

Sustainable and equitable transportation is a crucial component of healthy and vibrant regions, and we are fighting to make our area safe for all road users. We put people first, not cars. We’re still young, and we’re still growing. You can help. You can advance the movement. You hold the keys to making Bike Cleveland a force as our region continues to transform itself. You are our voice and our muscle. Help strengthen the wheels of change by donating to Bike Cleveland today! Thank you!

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