Fulton Rd./W. 28th – Phase 2 Public Meeting

Join City Councilman Kerry McCormack and guests for this public meeting to inform residents about the new design features for Phase 2 of the Fulton Road/West 28th Street Rehabilitation Project. At this meeting, meet the city’s construction team members and view a brief presentation about Phase 2. Attendees can view display boards, ask questions, and offer comments to team members.

What: Fulton Rd./W. 28th Rehabilition Project Public Meeting
Wednesday, Sept 25th, from 6pm-8pm

Where: Franklin Circle Christian Church, (1688 Fulton Rd.)

For more details about this meeting, click here.  For proposed plans, click Proposed Plans. Contact the office of Councilman Kerry McCormack for additional information at 216.664.2691

While there are some notable improvements to the redesigned Fulton Rd./W. 28th Street, we do have some concerns that we also raised in phase 1 of the project. These concerns include:

  1. The bike lanes in the design are very wide, with no buffers or bollards. A 6 foot lane with the additional space used for painted buffers & bollards would create a safer space for riders, and prevent aggressive drivers from entering the bike lane.
  2. On-street parking remains between Monroe Ave. and Franklin with sharrows. If this parking is to remain in place of bike lanes curb extensions should be used at intersections and perhaps mid-block to keep drivers from treating it as 2 lanes when no parked cars are present. Otherwise, the problems that exist on Fulton today in this section will remain. If they cannot be engineered into the permanent concrete design of the roadway, the could be cheaply implemented with painted extensions and bollards.
  3. Due to 3 traffic lights being removed and the speed remaining at 35mph, we would like to see the addition of traffic calming elements along the entire corridor to deter speeding and ensure pedestrians can cross the street safely at intersections where no signals exist. This includes adding high visibility marked crosswalks at all legs of intersecting streets

Join us in expressing the need for these changes by signing on to the letter below. We will share the signed letters with local council members and city leadership in order to make Fulton Road safe for all users.

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These changes are needed because there are a lot of crashes on Fulton Road. In fact, from 2015-2017 there were over 130 crashes. See the map below.

We need a Fulton Road that is safe and connects to the growing bike network in Cleveland. This corridor connects to the Lakefront Bikeway and to the future Lorain Avenue protected bike lane. Parallel streets W. 41st and 44th have unprotected bike lanes the are notoriously dangerous to ride in due to motorists driving in them. This is our chance to connect the Stockyards Neighborhood to the lakefront.