Get Ready: Bike to Work Day

Riding your bike to work is fun, rewarding, and gives you back part of your day otherwise wasted in a car. But it does take some effort the first few times to build a routine and habit of how you get ready. Let’s cover some simple steps to make your attempt to leave that car at home more successful:

The number one most important tip? Get things ready the night before!

  1. Check the air pressure in your tires, and lubricate your chain if needed.
  2. Choose your work clothes and put them into your backpack or bike-mounted bag.
  3. Gather your helmet, riding clothes, keys/phone/necessities and place them somewhere handy.
  4. Fill your waterbottle(s) and put them on the bike.
  5. Grab your lock (and key!) if you need one for side trips or once at work.

This way, the following morning you can simply check the weather, eat some breakfast, and roll out in a stress-free mood knowing you are set. No one wants to rush all morning doing these things only to realize halfway to work that you forgot your pants. Or shoes. BTDT. (*cue fast side trip to Target.) You can also ease the burden by leaving a pair of shoes (or even your whole outfit) at work ahead of time so that you can ride in without them.

It may seem like a lot to do the first 2-3 times, but then it just becomes a normal routine and goes really quickly. Check with your work crew and see if they want to make a group effort on Bike to Work Day, as we will have “hubs” all over town where you can meet up, score some free coffee and snacks, and have fun on your way to work!

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