George Gund Foundation Celebrates Cycling

One of the many great photos that accompany the Gund Annual Report.

One of the many great photos that accompany the Annual Report.

For years Cleveland has been a tale of decline, and no longer is that merely changing; it’s changed. The home of the Kardiac Kids is now the home of the Comeback Kids, and I’m not talking about the Brown’s, unfortunately. Civic minded entrepreneurs are eschewing the idea that Cleveland is a lost cause; they are investing in their neighborhoods, and the rising tide is helping to lift all boats. We hear a lot about these people and their good work, but through everything, Cleveland has been blessed with a philanthropic community who work tirelessly to promote the well-being of the city and its’ residents. The George Gund Foundation is one member of this community, with which we at Bike Cleveland are proud to be affiliated. They understand the fabric of the city better than most, and their progressive thinking, coupled with their generosity, create a potent force for good in our community.

The theme of their 2014 annual report is centered on cycling, and how the bicycle is a tool for creating a vibrant urban environment, and powerful weapon in the fight for equity. Mobile populations are healthy populations; physically, economically, and socially. Bikes improve not only the individual rider’s quality of life, but when enough people ride them, the aggregate benefits on our society cannot be denied. Healthcare costs are reduced, carbon footprints are shrunk, and economic development is realized. Bike Cleveland works every day to make cycling a practical, fun, and safe mode of transportation in Cleveland, and we are thankful for the support we receive from the George Gund Foundation. Our goals align perfectly and we are excited about the theme of their 2014 Annual Report.

Their ability to not only fund our efforts, but raise awareness of the benefits of bikes on our region through this release is significant, and we applaud the foundation for highlighting the burgeoning cycling culture growing in Cleveland. We take this as a celebration of what we have achieved so far, and it reinforces our resolve to help make Cleveland a healthy and vibrant city. If you aren’t already, you can join with us and the Gund Foundation in making Cleveland a better place by supporting bicycling and becoming a member of Bike Cleveland. The larger our member base, the stronger our voice and deeper our resources. Become a member today!

George Gund Foundation Annual Report

Click to view the George Gund Foundation 2014 Annual Report


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