May 2020 Bike & Ped Counts – Volunteers Needed

UPDATE 5/7/2020 – Thanks to everyone who signed up to conduct bike counts. We have 53 volunteer who signed-up for 59 locations. If you signed up you should have received all the materials and instructions via email (or mail if you requested). If you did not please email Jacob at


Bike Cleveland is in need of volunteers to conduct bike and pedestrian counts throughout Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Lake Counties. These bicycle and pedestrian counts are conducted in order to:

  • Gauge regional and local levels of bicycling and walking beyond what is already available from Census data.
  • Identify trends based on count data to aid the planning and design of multimodal transportation infrastructure, as well as the implementation and execution of encouragement, educational, and enforcement programs.
  • Aid in the prioritization of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and planning projects.

Volunteers are needed to count passing bicyclists and pedestrians for two hour periods at various road and trail intersections on:

Please note: If you can not choose a location in the sign-up that means someone else already picked it, try another location.

All materials necessary, including additional instructions, to conduct the counts will be emailed to you by May 8th, you will need to print them out to conduct counts. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to the count location, and should be able to arrive on time and count for the entire two hour period.

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