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May is Bike Month! Let’s Ride!

May is National Bicycle Month, get outside and spend some quality time on your bike!

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s going on:

All month: Gohio Commute CAR(bon) FREE and Bike Month Challenge – More Details – We have partnered with NOACA, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Downtown Cleveland Alliance and uGO to invite NE Ohioans to join a friendly CAR(bon) FREE and Bike Month competition on Gohio Commute!

May 2nd: National Ride a Bike Day! This one is easy – you know what to do 🙂 Tag us or use #CLEBikeMonth so we can share your joy!

May 11th: Bike Smarts/How We Roll – 2 Sessions, Afternoon and Evening – You’ll enjoy a casual ride through Cleveland neighborhoods that prepares you to safely and confidently navigate traffic by bicycle. There will be stops along the way to discuss the pertinent subjects relating to that safety and confidence. Topics include bicycle traffic law, proper lane positioning and more.

May 12th: St. Clair Bicycle RodeoMore Details – Join us from 4-6pm for a bicycle safety rodeo. We will be giving out free helmets to youth participants and teach you how to ride your bike safely.

May 15th: St. Clair Community Bike RideMore Details – Join us for a fun, casual 5-6 mile bike ride through the neighborhood.

May 18th: Bike Smarts/Bicycle Friendly MotoristMore Details – Our educational programs focus heavily on improving how cyclists use the road, but we also educate motorists on best practices as well. Join us for a Zoom version of our Bicycle Friendly Motorist presentation – and come away with a better understanding of how to share the road with riders, learn about new types of infrastructure, and help bring traffic related injuries and deaths down to zero.

May 19th: Ride of SilenceMore Details –  This year, we ask you to ride silently, either solo or with your current riding group to Public Square. On the way, we urge you to think about who you may have lost, who you know that has been injured, and about how what has happened affects so many around them. Once you reach Public Square, join others from the region and hear their stories. There will be time for you to share your own if you like.

May 21st: Bike to Somewhere Day!More Details – We traditionally celebrate the 3rd Friday morning of May with Bike to Work Day. But we know that work patterns are still not back to normal (will they ever be?) and that this opens the opportunity to try something new. So, join us for Bike to Somewhere Day! It’s a riff on the League of American Bicyclists’ “Bike to Anywhere Day” that is happening around the country.

May 29th (through July 4th): Pedal for PrizesMore Details – Pedal for Prizes and Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation are teaming up again to bring a 2.0 version of our no-contact bicycling event to the neighborhood in 2021!

And there’s more! Below you’ll find a complete listing of events and meetups for May and beyond!