New Bike Coalition Forming in Cleveland: The need is great

Article provided by Green City Blue Lake.

Bike advocacy has been around for years in Greater Cleveland, so why does it feel as though the last few have been so much more energizing? Perhaps it can be attributed to a massive culture shift taking place in America today? Is social media amplifying the cause, giving credence to cities as magnates for those turned on by innovation? Once this many minds have been expanded—by news of Portland turning side streets into bike boulevards or, closer to home, direct experience with the transformative stripes of paint designating bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes on Euclid Avenue—its unlikely you’ll turn back the tide. Hearing about cities like Paris buying 20,000 bikes (20,000!) for anyone with a swipe card to use, any time to go anywhere emboldens the rest of us who don’t yet have bike share. It makes bike share possible for ‘cold weather’ cities like Denver and Minneapolis, fueled by the energy of a new constituency who value free movement and are restless in America from waiting all those years in the wings.


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