Postponed: Bikes N’Brew

We are disappointed to share this news, but the 2021 version of Bikes N’Brew has been postponed until 2022. We had shared the scheduled date for this year, and had begun in earnest making the preparations and plans to put on this classic event. It did not take us very long to come up against several key road blocks, so the decision was made to allow another year to pass before bringing it back.

The event visits local breweries (many with restaurants) and this industry is having a mighty struggle with staffing. Visitors from Bikes N’Brew could easily overwhelm them and perhaps create a bad experience for customers already there. This led to apprehension or declining being a partner this year from some of our favorite and most requested stops. On top of that, there continue to be supply chain issues for anything that is being produced, so some of the normal generosity we see has been reduced. And most recently, we have watched as COVID cases in Cuyahoga County have quickly climbed back into the red zone.

This is a small, yet important fundraiser for us – and of course we are sad to put it off. In the meantime, we are sharing the routes from 2019 below to allow you the opportunity to ride one at your leisure when you have the time. If you haven’t joined or donated to Bike Cleveland recently, take a few minutes and read about our history – and our 10 Year Anniversary campaign.

We want to thank our hosts at Forest City Brewing – and we hope to see all of you in 2022!

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