Rider Update: Franklin Boulevard


After a long construction closure, Franklin Boulevard between W85th and W50th reopens today (December 20th, 2022) to two-way traffic.

Riders should be aware that mini-roundabouts have replaced traffic signals at most intersections, which should work to slow motor vehicle movements at these locations. The implementation of these mini-roundabouts also permitted the City to lower the speed limit on Franklin from 35mph to 25mph, making it more attractive to riders as an option. It should be noted that some painted elements and other features are not in place yet, and will arrive early next year as the weather permits. Of note, the physical crossing locations are there for pedestrians, but the painted crosswalks are not.

These mini-roundabouts are new to Cleveland, so please use caution as road users acclimate to them early on. Riders should take the lane on the approach, and continue through the mini-roundabout in that position to their desired exit. The mini-roundabouts are quite small, and visibility for road users is good. Do not be surprised to see very large vehicles (i.e. buses) driving OVER the center – – that is the intended design for oversize vehicles and you should fully yield to them.

Complete details on the reopening can be found on the City’s release below.

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