Routes released for MCPc Fun p/b Bike Cleveland

Fundo_Definition_ImageRoutes have been finalized for the 2016 MCPc Fundo presented by Bike Cleveland at NEOCycle, and they’re better than ever! Moving the date of the Fundo to the Saturday has allowed us to utilize sections of the Cleveland Metroparks that have been closed to bikes for a running event the last two years.

Once again featuring 10, 34, and 62 mile options, the MCPc Fundo has something for everyone, from kids and beginners (or people looking for a chill, short, easy ride) all the way up to experienced riders looking for a full metric century option. Some people have asked which route they should do, so here are some descriptions. If you have questions, email or CLICK HERE to register now!

Family Ride (10 miles):
Choose this route if – You’d like to enjoy a nice relaxing ride that even kids can do. You will be riding on open roads, but several have bike lanes for you to use and are fairly easy to navigate. There is a hill coming out of the flats, but the rest of the route is relatively flat. If riding with children unfamiliar with riding on the road, practice ahead of time in your neighborhood.

Half Fundo (34 miles):
Choose this route if – You’ve ridden on the road before and are relatively comfortable around cars. This ride will take between 2-4 hours and is rolling in terrain with a couple of hills being of the short and sharp variety, but more than manageable. You could do this ride on just about anything, but a bike with gears is recommended.

Full Fundo (62 miles):
Choose this route if – You’re an experienced rider or someone who rides regularly but are looking for a bigger challenge. Despite being the longest route on offer, it is relatively less hilly than the 34 mile option with long stretches of good flat roads in the Metroparks. This ride will take you 3.5-6 hours depending on your pace, and how long you spend at each rest stop. We recommend a road bike, or something with gears and skinnier tires for a ride of this length.

Head over to the Fundo’s landing page to learn more, or if you’re already registered and want to see the route you’ll be riding, head directly to the routes page. Share the event with your friends on Facebook.

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