Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes & National Bike Challenge

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Once again this summer Greater CLE is joining over 50,000 riders from across the country to ride 30 million miles as part of the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes, our local competition in the National Bike Challenge to dominate Pittsburgh by riding bikes.

The National Bike Challenge (and the local Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes) is a  free and friendly competition that encourages all people to get out and ride whether as daily commuters, weekend warriors, or somewhere in between. People on bikes log their miles throughout the summer at (or through one of the approved mobile apps) and compete as individuals, teams, workplaces and cities against others locally and across the county.

Register today at and start logging miles. Invite your friends to get in on the action by registering and logging miles so we can dominate Pittsburgh in the Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes and bring the Rust Cup back to CLE.

So don’t wait, join us by registering, recruiting your friends, winning prizes and sharing your accomplishments. It’s never too soon or too late to join. Register today!

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