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September 30th E-News

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Bike Cleveland Releases Bike Share RFP

Good news for fans of bike sharing in Cleveland! After completing the requisite paperwork and getting through all the necessary red tape, we are happy to announce the formal release of the Cleveland Bike Share RFP! The formal request for proposal was sent out to multiple bike share vendors around the country, and is hereby publicly posted. What now you may be asking? Well, bike share companies have until Oct. 19 to submit proposals, followed by a two week review period. A vendor will be selected by October 30th and can start laying the groundwork for a spring 2016 roll out! Read More.

Brecksville Response

By now many of you have probably heard of the tragic crash that claimed the lives of two local area cyclists and sent three more to hospital on Snowville Road on September 17th.

Immediately following the collision, we noticed local media were referring to the incident as an “accident” rather than the more appropriate term “crash.” Some may think we are merely splitting hairs, but words are important and powerful. Calling this an “accident” suggests that nothing could have been done to prevent it, that we are powerless in the face of circumstance, and while saddened, are left to simply wait for another “accident” to happen. Planes don’t have “accidents”, they have “crashes” and we do everything we can to find out why it crashed so we can prevent it from happening again. We need to do the same with crashes on our roadways, and it starts with calling it a “crash” not an “accident.” 

We relayed this message to local media and the Brecksville PD, and immediately saw a change in their language, which is a start. Tired of seeing bicycle/car crashes marginalized and people on bikes failing to get get the respect they deserve, we want to create a cultural change, and that starts with the language we use. 

The other way to facilitate change is to force motorists to take more seriously the responsibility that comes with operating a 2000lbs vehicle. To that end, we are trying to advance two pieces of legislation –  

House Bill 110: legislation that would increase the penalty for fleeing the scene of a crash passed the Ohio House in May, but has been languishing in Senate Criminal Justice Committee ever since.

House Bill 88: legislation that would ban the use of phones in school and construction zones, as well as elevate texting and driving from a secondary to a primary offense. This one has also been sitting idle in the House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Public Safety Committee.

It seems as though our legislators need a push, so let’s help them. Contact your representative and tell them you would like these made a priority.

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