Support Safer Streets by voting NO on Issue 35

Bike Cleveland supports the use of traffic safety cameras across the City of Cleveland, and encourage supporters of safer streets to vote no on Issue 35 this November. Cyclists and pedestrians are vulnerable road users – road users who are most at risk for serious injury or death when involved in a motor-vehicle collision. We are fully exposed – vulnerable to the consequences of a single neglected traffic signal or speed limit.

Bike Cleveland advocates for policy and infrastructure that creates safe stress-free biking environments on Greater Cleveland’s roadways, but those efforts can only be successful when all road users obey the law and are held accountable for doing so.  On roads where drivers are all too often distracted or rushed to get to their destination, red light and speed safety cameras provide an increased level of protection to cyclists and pedestrians – a level of protection that is greatly needed on Ohio roadways.

2012 Crashes in Ohio

  • 216,739 crashes
  • 1,069 total fatalities
  • One person was killed every 8.2 hours
  • 223 people were injured every day


Traffic Camera Safety Data in Cities Across Ohio

  • Columbus, Ohio traffic cameras led to a 74% reduction in right-angle crashes.
  • Toledo, Ohio fatal red light running crashes have been reduced by 39% and in Parma Heights, Ohio where crashes have been reduced by 54%.

Research demonstrates the benefits of red light and speed cameras as tools to create a safer environment for everyone on the road.  Both the Insurance Institute on Highway Safety and the Governor’s Highway Safety Association say studies have consistently shown that the traffic cameras are effective in reducing death and injury caused by traffic collisions.

While there is still analysis needed in Cleveland on the direct impact of traffic cameras, in Ohio reports show cameras are equally successful. Springfield saw a 47% reduction in crashes after installing cameras and an Institute study found a 39% reduction in fatal red light running crashes in Toledo following the city’s use of traffic safety cameras.

We need to use modern technology to ensure our roads are safe for all users – cyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists. Red light and speed safety cameras change driver behavior, prevent injuries and fatalities and penalize those who break the law. These cameras work and those of us who use the roads in these communities need them to stay safe on the road.

While supportive of the use of traffic cameras to increase safety, Bike Cleveland understands there are instances where cameras can be abused for cash generating purposes. To dispel the concern of traffic cameras as cash generating tactics Bike Cleveland proposes that the City of Cleveland regulate the use of cameras to maximize their use to make our streets safer. Place them in school zones, park zones and at high crash intersections.

Don’t ban traffic safety cameras, reform them to ensure our they are used to keep our streets are safe.

For the safety of all road users Bike Cleveland urges voters to vote no on Issue 35.

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