Support Your Local Bike Shops!

Running a bike shop is tough. It just got tougher.

This is the time of year when local, independent bike shops normally begin getting busy after a long winter. Folks flock to the stores to purchase new bikes, get current ones serviced, and refresh accessories that have worn out. The stores may have also begun staffing up to accommodate all of this activity. On top of it, many vendors require shops to pre-order much of their stock for the year in advance, so stockrooms and sales floors are packed with inventory that must be paid for.

In light of current events, this places our local bike shops in a difficult and precarious position. If you have the means, please support them during this tumultuous period.

We have seen posts from local shops offering delivery and pickup, curbside service, and other ways to get what you need/need done in a manner that limits contact. Before you click that Amazon button, check locally to see if it is available and order it from them directly. If you were pondering a new bike purchase, consider buying a gift card now to help their cash flow over the next few weeks. We keep a map of them on our BIKE SHOPS, CLUBS & TRAILS page.

Local bike shops are part of the local cycling community, and many of them are members of Bike Cleveland to support our work. When this crisis subsides, we want all of them to be here for you – for all of us – as part of our broad network of bike awesome-ness.



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