Take Action! Ohio 3-foot Passing Law

3-feetHB 154/SB 192 – The statewide 3-foot passing & “dead red” law is set for it’s second hearing by the Senate Transportation, Commerce and Labor Committee on Wednesday, February 10 at 10:15am. If you haven’t been following the the bill, here’s where we are –

HB 154 was introduced April 13, 2015, by Rep. Mike Henne (R-Vandalia) and Rep. Mike Sheehy (D-Toledo). On June 10, OBF and other organizations testifed before the Ohio House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Public Safety Committee, and on June 24, the Committee approved HB 154 by a 12 to 0 vote. SB 192 is an identical bill introduced to the Senate on June 30th, 2015, and referred to the Senate Transportation Commerce and Labor Committee on September 17th.

Action Alert!

Now is the time to contact members of the Senate Transportation, Commerce and Labor Committee and let them know you support safer cycling in Ohio! Sign the petition or contact your representative!  If you would like to personally call or email committee members, you can find their names and contact information HERE (excel download).

Don’t wait! Act now and tell our state legislators to support this common sense law!