Towpath Updates

Even though the winter weather keeps trying to slow things down now and then, progress on the Towpath connections around the Tremont area continue to happen. Pictures speak louder than words, so follow along as we check out the current conditions on this stage!

Overview map of this stage, with photo locations called out in the orange circles:

Photo number 1 is from a small northern spur terminus that will have a fantastic view of downtown!

Photo number 2 is from the same location, but looking south down the trail. Note that this end section is still incomplete, as the connector to University is not done. A very small section of (possibly muddy) gravel is there (just out of frame in this photo,) but there are other connections down the trail that are done.

Photo number 3 is down the trail a bit further where a bit of a grade keeps things interesting…

Photo number 4 is your approach to the almost-famous-it-seems mounds that you can ride around!

Photo number 5 is the new bridge over W7th Street. (And the beginning of the video if you watched that before getting here.)

Finally, photo number 6 is looking down the switchbacks that connect you up top to Clark Avenue @ 11th. The trail still continues south to Steelyard Commons and points south. (Lower right of photo.)

Note that as of now, heading south from Steelyard does require a detour onto Jennings and Harvard – as construction on those Towpath sections is underway. Please use extra caution as the road is a bit narrower due to traffic cones, etc.

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