UHBikes Becomes HOPR This Spring!

As of late-November, the iconic red fleet of UHBikes was pulled from service for the winter months. This was Cleveland’s first bikeshare system, and saw widespread use. But the bikeshare industry moves quickly, and after 3 years the system found itself out-of-date and having availability & service issues. Come spring of 2020, a new option will replace them – – a 250 bike dockless HOPR system from CycleHop.

These bikes will complement the variety of scooter companies operating mobility options in Cleveland. The bikeshare docks and racks that you have become accustomed to will disappear, and the HOPR bikes will follow the same parking patterns of the scooters that are in place now.

Good news if you have an existing UHBikes plan or balance the value of what remains can be applied to the new HOPR system. Your credit will be applied once you download and install your new HOPR Transit App. Make certain that you sign up with the same phone number that you used with your UH Bikes account so this all happens seamlessly.


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