2017 Schwinn Asscension 29(black)

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Between 630-730 pm 10-11-19 my bike was stolen from my front steps on west 96 off madison you're the Cleveland Lumber Yard and community garden my friend came to visit left his bike on the porch we went inside plate some darts came out it was gone it has a white light on the front where the button is missing but it still works and a red blinking light in the rear mounted the tires are brand-new CST Critter tires the front tube stem is gold and longer then the rear the right brake handle is slightly bent I had to slap bracelets on the gooseneck and seat mount highly reflective orange and neon yellow the chain guard was missing about a 4-inch piece on the circle screwed to the pedal cassette the bottom bracket between the pedals had a bit of a click when you pedal hard needed replace but work good had a new Rim put on it been fixing this bike for a year bought it used now it's gone can't recollect if I have any record as of yet of the serial number and have one good picture of it with me standing next to it total local guy who runs the garden about it said that he has cameras he's going to check haven't reported it to police yet but posted it on Facebook and Snapchat and Craigslist front tire has an extra-long air valve stem gold colored on a new tube it's a black with gray lettering Schwinn Ascension 29 had two locks on to it what is a key lock which I have a key for steel cable with a clear plastic Shield red and black lock the other lock was a 4 number combination lock black steel cable numbers 1353 where the combination bought it at the dollar store
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