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Thank you for supporting Bike Cleveland by riding the Fundo taking place this Sunday, August 29th! Read down for some useful information. Please take a moment to read all of the instructions to ensure your ride goes smoothly. If you have additional questions please contact –

Items that are different from past Fundo events due to COVID and other factors noted in RED


We’d like to thank our sponsors who help make this ride possible. Including our powered by sponsor Knabe Law Firm, LLC and our rest stop sponsors Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Swagelok.


If you would like to pick up your rider number on Saturday, August 28th, we will be at Joy Machines Bike Shop on Detroit Avenue from 3:00 – 5:00PM. CLICK HERE for directions. Otherwise, Sunday (day of) packet pickup information is below.


We always encourage people to ride down if possible, so if you do the W76th and W65th pedestrian tunnels are open if you’re coming from the Detroit-Shoreway area. Car parking will be available at Edgewater Park on Sunday with most being available in grassy overflow to the east of the paved parking lot. We don’t anticipate parking being an issue this early in the day, so simply follow the instructions from the parking crew and Metroparks Police at the site.

Here is a Google map to Edgewater Park:


When you arrive at Edgewater Park please proceed to the Check-in/On-Site Registration area in the parking lot (under the tent) to sign the necessary waiver and collect your official bib number. Your bib number will have your food voucher attached.  DO NOT lose this! We recommend detaching it and placing it somewhere secure until after the ride.  Riders can pick-up their packet from 7:00am-10am at the tent. Please arrive about 1 hour before your suggested start time (listed below).

Save time at check in by pre-printing your waiver NOW and bringing it (signed) with you!


Here are some key details you should know prior to Sunday so the day goes smoothly for you. If you weren’t already aware, all proceeds from the event support our advocacy work to make Greater Cleveland a safe, fun, and easy place to ride a bicycle, so thank you for your support!

For the safety of our volunteers and other riders face masks are strongly encouraged at the ride start/end and at the rest stops. All rest stop food/water will be grab and go, please try to maintain social distancing at the start/finish and at all rest stops. Also, please arrive on event morning with your water bottles full if possible.

Helmets are required for this event!


To ensure you have a fun safe ride we encourage all riders to bring the following:

1. Your bike, obviously
2. Helmet, required for all riders.
3. Water bottle
4. Face mask, for the health and safety of all we do ask that our riders bring a mask to wear while interacting with staff, receiving snacks / water at the rest stops & while in SAG vehicles.
5. An extra tube or patch kit. We’ll have support vehicles and mechanics at all the rest stops, but it’s always good to be prepared in the event you get a flat tire.


All routes start and end at Edgewater Park on Sunday, August 29th. The start times for the different distances are as follows, and there will be no group starts:

60 Miler: 8:00 – 8:30am – 3 rest stops beginning at 9:00am
30 Miler: 8:30 – 9:00am – 1 rest stop beginning at 9:00am
10 Miler: 9:00 – 9:30am – 1 rest stop beginning at 9:00am

Rider food service ends at 3:00PM at Edgewater Park. 

It is important that you start during your designated time to ensure we have volunteers, aid stations, and SAG vehicles in place at the right time to support your ride – and that you have post-ride support available. We ask that all riders complete the ride no later than 3pm and join us back at Edgewater Park for food using the voucher located on your ride bib number. The rest stop for the 10 and 30 mile route located at Abbey Road Overlook will close at Noon. The last rest stop for the 60 mile route is located at South Mastick Area in the Cleveland Metroparks and will close at 2:30pm.


If you haven’t already, make sure to go over your bicycle BEFORE the morning of the ride. If you’re not comfortable working on your bicycle, take it to a bike shop ASAP to make sure it’s good to go. We recommend conducting an “ABC Quick Check” the night before the ride which goes as follows:

Air: Make sure your tires are inflated properly by consulting the recommended pressure printed on the sidewall of your tires.
Brakes: Make sure your brakes work properly, and that the pads are contacting the rim square and even without rubbing on the rubber of the tire. The hand lever should not pull all the way to the handlebar. Aim for roughly a thumb width of space between the handlebars and the brake lever when at maximum pull.
Chain: Make sure your chain is lubed correctly and your gears work. There are a few rolling hills on the routes and you’ll have more fun if you can get into the right gear quickly and easily.


Join us back at the Edgewater Park for your post-ride meal that is included with your registration. Lunch will be a grab-and-go box lunch. You are welcome to eat your lunch at Edgewater at the Beach House. The tickets for lunch is integrated with your bib number. DO NOT lose these! We recommend detaching them and placing them somewhere secure until after the ride. Bike parking will be available at the finish, so be sure to have a lock handy.


Route signs (pictured below) will clearly mark the course. Also, be prepared for KEY ROUTE SPLITS at the mileage points listed below (there will be additional signage in place, but pay extra attention):

Mile 2: Key split between 10 Mile and 30/60 mile riders

Mile 4.5: Key split for 10 Mile Riders

Mile 21.8: Key split for 30/60 Mile Riders


All riders will receive their route map and cue sheet with their registration packet. Courses will be fully marked using the signage referenced above. If you would like to review or download the routes for your GPS prior to the ride, click the appropriate link below:

10 Miler <ROUTE>
Rest Stop
•    Mile 3.9 – Abbey Avenue Overlook

30 Miler <ROUTE>
Rest Stop
•    Mile 16.5 – Abbey Avenue Overlook

60 Miler <ROUTE>
Rest Stops
•    Mile 16.5 – Abbey Avenue Overlook
•    Mile 29.7 – Big Creek Parkway
•    Mile 44.5 – South Mastick

Remember the Bike Cleveland Fundo is a rules of the road ride and the streets will be open to motor vehicle traffic. For your safety and the safety of other rides participants are required to follow all traffic laws. Helmets are required for this event!


Ohio weather can be wildly diverse. The Fundo will continue during both rain and sunshine. Be prepared for anything and make sure you have accessories for inclement weather.

Sunshine = Ride continues
Rain = Ride continues
Thunder = Ride continues, proceed with caution
Visible Lightning = If ride has not started it will be delayed. If ride has started, you should seek immediate shelter wherever possible until the storm passes (under an overpass, convenience store, etc.)

SAG support will help all riders who request it (if you need support, contact the hotline found on your rider bib and event map) but it may take a while to get everyone, so be prepared to seek shelter. If you are off the course in a building please call the rider hotline.


Is printed on bibs and ride maps, and enter it in your phone: 216-309-1039


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