Safer Streets Campaigns

Our Safe Streets: Action Alerts are critical for the health and vibrancy our city. We need to ensure that all road users have the ability to travel throughout our city safely; regardless of their preferred mode of transportation. Here is where you learn about how you can take action across the region, from helping advocate for bike lanes to legislative pushes; Bike Cleveland is working hard to improve your ride and keep you safe.

Action Alert: SB73 Help make crossing a street safe

UPDATE 2/26/2020 – SB73 passed the Ohio Senate and will now move to the Ohio House. Watch for an update on what you can do to help get the bill passed and signed into law. We have all been in this situation, waiting at the corner for a safe gap in traffic in order to cross […]

April Action Alerts!

Here are THREE ways to get involved right now in April and make your voice heard! 1. Contact your senators and ask them to co-sponsor S.1098 for better bicycling! The Transportation Alternatives program represents nearly 50% of all the federal funding that goes to bicycling and walking networks and trails, so small changes can have […]

Public Meeting: Fulton Road Phase 2

Construction has begun on Phase 1 of Fulton Road, and we thank the over 200 people who took the time to  sign on to the improvements that we are recommending to the design to create a safer street for all users. The time is also approaching to express your opinions and desires for Phase 2 […]

UPDATE > Public Meeting: Fulton Road

Update #2 News 5 Cleveland reported about the planned changes to Fulton Road, and the potential impact it could have on the safety of the road. Councilman Kerry McCormack as well as residents are concerned about the removal of 3 street lights for good reason. Please read our first update below, and sign on to […]

Help Shape The Future of Carnegie Avenue

MidTown Cleveland, with support from NOACA and other partners are working on a plan to re-envision the future of Carnegie Avenue. Part of the vision is to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and increase the connectivity and safety for all users. As it is today Carnegie is a dangerous street. From 2015-2017, there were 737 crashes on […]

TAKE ACTION for a future West Side Lakefront Greenway

Bike Lakewood has developed a plan to connect Edgewater Park to Huntington Reservation. The West Side Greenway will create a stress-free connection along the lakefront and to Rocky River Reservation. The connection was identified in the Cuyahoga Greenways plan.  We need your help to show support for this crucial west side connection. Here is how […]

Action Alert: Public Meeting > Fulton Road

Fulton Road repaving work is coming, and for any of you that frequent this area, you know it is overdue. The Phase 1 section currently consists of ultra-wide single lanes that invite vehicles to free-for-all for position during busy periods. Cyclists and pedestrians frequently find themselves in dangerous situations. (Riders: please use W41 & W44 […]

Rider Update: Intersection Repaving

Starting on or shortly after July 9th, repaving work will begin at the east end intersection of the Detroit-Superior bridge. The Two Stage Bicycle Turn Boxes will disappear for a while during construction, and will be replaced with temporary ones as soon as possible. Working toward a finished project this large will take several weeks, […]