Working Together for Safe Streets

Now that you are caffeinated – are you ready for more knowledge?

Who is Bike Cleveland? We are Greater Cleveland’s advocacy organization representing over 1,000 members. Through encouragement and advocacy we are educating the public & building support for a region that prioritizes safe and equitable transportation for people of all ages. If you want to learn more about us, read about our mission and community impact. If you support our vision, be part of the movement and become a member today!

Always Pass Cyclists With At Least 3 Feet: It’s legal to cross a double-yellow line to do this, as long as conditions are safe to do so. Treat cyclists as slow moving vehicles and carefully pass them.

Look Carefully Before Opening Your Door: Quickly opening your door into the path of an oncoming cyclist puts YOU at fault. Avoid this danger by opening your door with your right hand via The Dutch Reach.

Use Extra Caution at Intersections: Never pass a cyclist right before an intersection when you intend to turn right. Allow the cyclist to continue through, and make your right turn behind them. When making a left turn, look across the intersection and carefully check for oncoming cyclists that may be hidden by other vehicles.

Be Courteous and Patient With Other Road Users: Cyclists are slower and more vulnerable road users, yet have the same rights to the road as autos and other vehicles. The few moments you invest in safety can mean life or death.

Interact With Bike Lanes Lawfully: Bike lanes are travel lanes set aside for bicycles to travel safely. No parking is permitted in them, and care is needed at intersections. Read more about safely interacting with Bike Lanes.

Ride With The Flow: Ride on the road, with the flow of traffic. Bikes are legal road vehicles, and riding on the road keeps you visible and predictable.

Lights At Night: Once dusk approaches, by law you need a red rear light and white for the front. Many riders choose to use rechargeable lights in order to run them even during the day for extra visibility.

Ride To The Right Of The Lane: But know that you have the right to the entire lane if conditions warrant it. This includes road debris, other hazards, or if you feel that you need to be more visible under the conditions.

Obey All Traffic Laws: As a vehicle, you are subject to roadway laws. If you need a refresher on current laws, including new ones relating to signalized intersections not working for you, consult our Bikes and the Law page.

Ride With Confidence: Take the lane when needed (especially at intersections) and signal your intent to other road users. Cyclists need to use hand signals before turning, but just once so it does not affect your steering ability.

Know The Best Routes and Practices: Before heading out, consult our Resources Page for maps of bike lanes and more, plus information about upcoming Cycling Education opportunities to hone your skills!

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