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3 Foot Passing Law

“The operator of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle shall pass to the left at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle. When a motor vehicle overtakes and passes a bicycle, three feet or greater is considered a safe passing distance.”

Register a Bike as Stolen

Use the form below to register your bike as stolen with the Bike Index.

Once your bike is listed, its details will be made available to bike shops, police departments, pawn shops and others that use the data to help fight bike theft. This service is free, community driven, and likely your best bet for ever recovering a stolen bike.

Once listed, you can increase your chances of recovery by sharing through social media and spreading the word! The more people are on the lookout for your stolen bike, the better, so tell everyone you can about your stolen bike.

Please note: this registry is not affiliated with law enforcement, it is purely a community effort. You should always report your stolen bike to the local police first, and please note your case number below when reporting to Bike Index.


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What else should you do if your bike is stolen?

Here are some other things you can do to help recover your stolen bike.

  • File a police report immediately. If your bike was stolen in Cleveland you can file it online, here. Provide serial number and the pictures you diligently took.
  • Register your stolen bike as “stolen” with the Bike Index (see form above).
  • Leverage the power of social media! Tweet a picture and description to @CLEPolice and @Bike_CLE. The more people who know your bike is stolen the better. Include information about where it was stolen and any other details of the theft. Post the bike to the Facebook pageCleveland Stolen Bike Alerts.”
  • Check to see if the theft was caught on camera. This is why security cameras exist. Check with the building owner to get access to the tapes. If it is a public camera, check with the city or local police to find out who you should contact.
  • Proceed with caution. If you receive a tip or info, contact the police. Do not attempt to recover your bike on your own.
  • File a claim with your renter or homeowner’s insurance company. Even if not explicitly itemized, bike theft is sometimes included coverage on insurance policies.
  • Monitor online sales sites. Keep an eye on websites like Craigslist, OfferUpNow, and Backpage - thieves will often post stolen bikes for sale on these websites, sometimes months after the theft. You can also use monitoring tools like to set up alerts for your bikes make and model.
  • Use your friendly neighborhood bike shops. Check with bike shops in the area to see if your bike shows up there. Many bikes have been recovered by local bike shops after someone tried to sell it. (bike thieves aren’t very smart sometimes)