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3 Foot Passing Law

“The operator of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle shall pass to the left at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle. When a motor vehicle overtakes and passes a bicycle, three feet or greater is considered a safe passing distance.”

Bike Cleveland has compiled some resources to ensure your little ones can get out and ride safely. Below are videos, activity sheets, and other info to share with kids who are elementary to middle school aged.

Youth Bike Education Resources

Before every ride you need to make sure your bike is safe and ready to ride. Always start by doing an ABC Quick Check. Here are a couple videos showing you how to do an ABC Quick Check of your bicycle.

From our friends at BikeWalkKC.

Looking to print an ABC Quick Check diagram? Download this pdf from

Now that you know your bike is safe to ride, here are some videos and activities to ensure you know how to ride safely. We'll start with a proper helmet fit,  learning to ride a two-wheeled bike and advance from there with riding safely.

Having a proper fitting helmet is important. Here is a short video from Safe Kids Worldwide showing how to adjust your helmet so it works properly.

Looking for a print version of how to fit a helmet properly? Check out this one from the National Highway Safety Association.

Learn to ride a two wheeled bike with Murray from Sesame Street, then head out and work on those balance bike skills.

Sesame Street Murray Learns to Ride a Bike Video: Rich Conroy from Bike NY

Bicycle Safer Journey Video: Cartoon: US Dept of Transportation (geared for ages 5-9)

See a quiz and more elementary aged resources from USDOT here.

Bicycle Safer Journey Video: US Dept of Transportation (geared for ages 10-14)

See a quiz and more middle school aged resources from USDOT here.


Here are some interactive resources and pdf activity sheets from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

ODOT Safe Routes to School Activity Sheets

National Highway Traffic Safety Association Bicycle Safety Kit

We look forward to bringing our in person education programs to a school or community center as soon as it is safe to meet in person again, but in the meantime enjoy these youth bike education resources and ride safe.