10 Year Anniversary

Bike Cleveland set out ten years ago with a bold vision for our region—in which biking, walking and access to public transit are convenient, safe, used by many and a source of pride. We envisioned a network of well-designed bikeways and walkways allowing all people to safely navigate our communities. Ten years into this journey, we are excited with all we’ve been able to accomplish, including the many improvements, policies and initiatives we’ve helped bring to life. None of this would have been possible without the help of our members, donors and supporters. We still have a long way to go, but we are excited to be a part of our city’s constant progress—and to share in the passion, commitment and camaraderie of Cleveland’s amazing community of cyclists and supporters.

Join us as a member, donor or volunteer to help make Cleveland a best-in-class city for biking, walking and more.

Why Bike Cleveland? Here are 10 reasons we do what we do—and the initiatives your support helps bring to life.

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Our vision is for a safe, connected network of bike lanes and trails that is accessible, equitable and can be enjoyed by all. Our goal for the Vision Zero Task Force focuses on safety and eliminating traffic fatalities.

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Every new connection represents an important step towards a truly connected city—where people can bike or walk to where they want to go without being placed in dangerous proximity to vehicles. Connected cities are more livable and offer greater flexibility, functionality and fun for residents eager to get from A to B, or who simply wish to enjoy the great outdoors. Our advocacy over the past ten years has resulted in 105 miles of new bicycle lanes and trails to evolve our city’s transportation infrastructure.

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We all need to feel safe when biking or walking to where we need to go. It’s crucial when biking that you can see—and be seen. To improve bike safety, we’ve helped to distribute more than 5,200 light sets.

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Cleveland is in the midst of a tremendous revitalization—and we have every opportunity to evolve into a best-in-class city for biking, walking and other outdoor activities. As part of this evolution, we’ve helped four communities become recognized nationally as bicycle friendly cities.

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So much goes into thoughtfully improving our city’s transportation systems—including public policy, infrastructure, public-private partnerships, education and more. To ensure holistic and sustainable progress, we advance policies such as the state-wide 3-ft passing law and complete street policies.

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Choosing to bike or walk is already a huge step towards a more sustainable city. It reduces traffic and emissions—and is also great for our health. Bikes can also last many years when maintained, and when damaged or discarded can often be fixed and given a new life. We’ve helped repair more than 1,200 bikes for Cleveland residents free of charge, in partnership with the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op

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Effective transportation infrastructure is about more than bike lanes and trails. People also need places to safely park their bikes, and available help when unexpected problems like flat tires arise. Working towards this goal, we’ve helped to install 400 bike parking spaces and 10 repair facilities in the Greater Cleveland region.

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Biking and walking are important community-building activities—we see more of our friends and neighbors. We have the opportunity to enjoy and explore our city, our parks and trails, and our community. Bike Cleveland works with the many community stakeholders to ensure a community-focused approach to biking policy, infrastructure and education. As part of this effort, we have trained 175 police officers trained and engaged dozens of decision makers to inform better street design.

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Nothing gives us greater joy than being part of Cleveland’s passionate biking community. We have celebrated, connected and biked with more than 75,000 Clevelanders through our events. And it’s not just the tremendous camaraderie that inspires us. It’s incredibly meaningful to see how many people value—and truly love—the biking/walking ecosystem we’re working so hard to create and promote.

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Biking empowers us—to get where we need to go, to stay healthy, to explore our city and to experience nature. We believe everyone should have access to these freedoms. Through our programs, Bike Cleveland has served more than 4,000 youth and adults, and we’ve helped more than 200 youth to earn their own bicycle.

There are many reasons we bike. We are commuters. We are sports enthusiasts. We enjoy being outside. We want to stay healthy. We bike with friends and family. Some of us don’t enjoy driving. Some of us don’t own a car. Some of us just like to ride around and explore. Whatever our reasons for biking, we agree that a connected city is more livable, functional, safer, fun and more equitable for all. We’ve made tremendous strides in the past ten years, but there is still so much we can accomplish together.