2020 Bike Cleveland Fundo Update

5/4/2020 | Critical 2020 Fundo Update:

On May 3rd, the Cleveland Metroparks cancelled all public and retail events within the parks through September 30 due to the impact of COVID-19. This date range encompasses the Bike Cleveland Fundo scheduled on August 30th. We fully understand their decision, and as we stated from the start – we would monitor and follow any guidelines for large events and gatherings that could affect this ride.

The cancellation of our permits means that the 2020 Bike Cleveland Fundo will not take place. We sincerely thank those that registered early, as this event is an important fundraiser for the work we do on behalf of cyclists. As we noted on our Event Updates Page, we will give pre-registered riders 2 different options. Those are outlined in a separate message to them.

A special THANK YOU goes out to Ken Knabe at Knabe Law Firm for his top-level support of this event and our work on a continual basis as a Business Member.

Cancelling the Fundo was a tough but necessary decision. We rely on this important fundraiser to support our work to create a region where we all can bike and walk safely, something we all rely on now more than ever. We encourage you to continue to support our vital work by becoming a member or renewing your membership today.

We will work over the summer to come up with an engaging, yet solo way for you to experience the joy of exploring Cleveland’s bikeways in August. We hope you take part in what emerges, and look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Bike Cleveland Fundo!

4/14/2020 | Fundo Update

As we all update our calendars with cancellations and indefinite postponements, it is with great optimism that we keep registration for our 2020 Bike Cleveland Fundo open. As your local bicycle advocacy group – we love to promote bicycling in our city – and the Fundo is a significant fundraiser for us. It’s also a way to celebrate another year of riding, and a way to highlight the infrastructure improvements we work for on your behalf.

With that in mind, our number one priority is your safety. We are not only making preparations for the fantastic ride you’ve come to expect, but we’re also keeping an eye on state and national conditions that could lead to a cancellation. Since the ride occurs so late in the season, a postponement isn’t realistic.

If we find it necessary to cancel, registered riders will be given the choice of either converting their paid registration to a membership (or renewal) or transferring the registration to the 2021 Bike Cleveland Fundo.

We thank our sponsors, especially our powered by sponsor Knabe Law Firm, for their unwavering support during this tumultuous period, and those who have already committed to riding by registering.

We hope to see all of you, riding, on August 30th at Edgewater Park!

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