#30 Days of Biking 2018


30 Days of Biking is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April and share your adventures.  There were 6031 Joyful Riders worldwide this past April.  Three of them were right here in the Cleveland area, participating and pledged to ride their bike for thirty days, and succeeded.

Read About Their Adventures:


      This is Wendy’s 8th year participating in the challenge

Favorite Day: “April 27th, Daffodils were late. My favorite day was my bike to work in the dark and upon leaving all the daffodils by my work sign were in bloom.”

Longest Riding Day: “I rode 48 Miles with my Bike group which was the first day all the ‘guys’ thought it warm enough to ride. Start temp was 42 degrees. I ride all winter.”

Shortest Riding Day: “1 mile. I had a meeting off site and needed to use my car. It really irked me.”

Advice on Completing the Challenge for 2019: “Just try it. Even 1 mile outside changes your outlook on life.”


Heidemarie loves to ride. “I don’t have much time to ride, so this “forced” me to take a few minutes every day to hop on my bike.”

Favorite Day: “Every day is a good day on a bike!”

Least Favorite Day: “Were a few cold and rainy days that weren’t fantastic . . . but, all are good.”

A Day that was a Struggle to Complete: “Actually there were many days I had to hop on my bike in the dark and cold just to get my ride in. By that time I’m exhausted from a long day and think I’d just like to crawl in bed.”

Advice on Completing the Challenge for 2019: “Just do it!”


Diana was looking into fullfilling her cycling goal of reaching 5,000 miles for 2018 and saw this challenge as a way to achieve this. 

Favorite Day: “My favorite cycling day Sat 4/14/2018 was my first official group ride of the season where I did (2) rides in one day. First, Think Spring Ride with Akron Bicycle Club and second, Liv Spring Revival ”

Least Favorite Day: “My least favorite day was 4/18/2018 I literally got up at 11:20pm to ride .1 mile so that I would not miss a day — I was over the half point but I was also tired because I was starting to do big miles over the week and weekend and i was so physically tired I really wasn’t feeling going outside in the cold.”

A Day that was a Struggle to Complete: “I struggled on the cold rainy days….because once I was home I wasn’t interested in going back outside to deal with the weather and plus i knew i wasn’t really riding anywhere so I became a little discouraged but I knew I had others rooting for me to complete the challenge and not miss any days.”

Longest Riding Day: “The longest riding day was Saturday 4/21/2018 52.3 miles which gave me my first 100+ mile week.”

Did You Encourage Any One to Ride: “I encouraged my husband and son to ride with me and I can honestly say we reached 100 miles together. We talked about nature and was even able to catch a 5k along the lake. It was a perfect day along Geauga lake on Earthday 4/22/2018 and we just took our time and rode the last 3.5 miles” 

Advice on Completing the Challenge for 2019: “This is your challenge.”








Are You Up For The Challenge April 2019?



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