A Bike Cleveland Update

I want to start by thanking all 125+ participants who gave their time and energy at the Bike Cleveland Summit back in September. As a participant you did something mighty. You gave birth to an organization that will be a force for positive change for cycling in our region.

If you were unable to attend the Bike Cleveland Summit we missed you. As Bike Cleveland board president I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the progress that Bike Clevleand has made over the past 2 months:

Those of you who were able to stay until the close of the summit have already had an opportunity to take ownership of one of the seven goals of Bike Cleveland and have also been able to become an inaugural member of Bike Cleveland (and perhaps have already affixed to your bicycle the one-time only “Guardian of Sustainable Transportation” downtube sticker available exclusively to Bike Cleveland Summit participants).

Whether you participated in the Bike Cleveland Summit or not, you still have the opportunity to get involved with Bike Cleveland.

You will make Bike Cleveland great. Come and join us.

Christopher Alvarado, Bike Cleveland Board President

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