Accelerate Bicycle Advocacy in Cleveland!

There have been several Cleveland cycling “firsts” over the past several months. The first protected bike lanes, the first highlighted green lanes, the first bike signal lights, and more. This is our bicycle infrastructure Accelerating. Acceleration feels amazing on a bike, but it also feels amazing to accelerate bicycle advocacy! Put YOUR power into that acceleration today with a summer donation to Bike Cleveland!

Places for Bikes recently released its City Rankings for the entire United States. These rankings are a status report – an overall assessment of the current state of bicycling in a community and how quickly improvements are being made. The report tallies Ridership, Network, Safety, Reach, and importantly: Acceleration.

Overall, Cleveland was ranked 14th in the nation (a 7-way tie) with other great bike cities like Ann Arbor, Austin, and Colorado Springs. You live in the number one city in Ohio when it comes to bicycling!

Since 2011, Bike Cleveland has been working to increase Ridership by educating and encouraging the cycling public to have more confidence on the road. We have partnered with the City of Cleveland and other local organizations to extend and improve the bicycle Network. Increasing the Safety of riders through these methods and our messaging to drivers has played a crucial part. Plus, making sure that these benefits Reach throughout Cleveland’s diverse neighborhoods and riders from all backgrounds is the backbone of what we do.

Now. To that last score: Acceleration. Our high score is due to the fast growth of our bike facilities and bicycle related events. This growth happened because you have a dedicated advocacy group working full time to advance the vision of a Cleveland that includes bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation. Your support of our organization is what is bringing this vision to reality, and that is why we reach out to you today asking that you invest in an even brighter future for bikes in Cleveland.

There is a feeling in town that we, the cycling public, the ‘bike people’ – have reached a tipping point. A tipping point where the value of bike infrastructure, the value of robust connections between them, and the bikeability of a region are no longer debatable topics – they are the future for the growth, health, and rebirth of the city.

Support this growth. Invest in this progress. Help push us – all of us on bikes – past this tipping point with a summer donation to Bike Cleveland and let’s keep accelerating into a future where bicycles – in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio – are a respected and embraced form of transportation.

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