ACTION ALERT: Buckeye Road Rehabilitation

The City of Cleveland is seeking feedback on the upcoming Buckeye Road Rehabilitation. For those that wish to take the deep dive on the entire scope of the project, the complete website and information can be found here. Through our engagement in the project, we are aware of the community desire to retain on-street parking east of MLK Jr. Drive. The bike lanes proposed from E99th to MLK Jr. Drive will create a link between upcoming/proposed future projects and existing bike lanes on MLK Jr. Drive.

We see an opportunity for a cost effective, yet major improvement to the proposed bicycle facilities for this half-mile section.

As proposed, the “corridor will be restriped as a single 12′ wide travel lane and 6′ bike lane in each direction. A 2’ buffer will be striped to separate the bike lane from the curb.

City of Cleveland Proposed Configuration

From other examples throughout the city, we know these overly-wide unprotected bike lanes invite motor vehicle parking. In addition, the unchecked space provides no restriction to aggressive driving or other dangerous behavior. These are the same circumstances that deter less experienced riders from feeling comfortable enough to seek mobility by bicycle. It also does not provide much relief to those that rely on bicycles as their primary mode of personal transportation.

With a small but effective revision, the stretch could be an inviting space for riders in a broader range of age and ability. Rather than separate the bicycle lane from the curb – the space should be used to separate vulnerable road users from motor vehicle traffic.


Bike Cleveland Proposal

Additionally, we feel that the limited number of curb cuts combined with long uninterrupted sections should allow for vertical delineators to be used to provide a dedicated space for riders. These are the elements that will be required to bring a low-stress bike network to the region. Each opportunity to make a bikeway better, and lower stress, should be capitalized upon.

The City of Cleveland is seeking feedback on the upcoming Buckeye Road Rehabilitation. You can provide your feedback (including showing support for our proposed changes) on the Buckeye Road Feedback page by clicking the “take action” button below.