Support Bike Cleveland’s AED Initiative


Bike Cleveland has engaged over 75,000 participants in a wide variety of cycling events throughout Greater Cleveland. To further ensure the safety of our community, we plan to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for use at our events.

In partnership with Gordon Square CPR, our staff and many volunteers are already trained in CPR, AED use, administering Naloxone, and managing serious bleeding. Adding an AED to our safety measures is the next crucial step to protect our participants.

Early CPR and AED intervention are critical in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. In Cleveland last year, only 9.7% of the 475 individuals who experienced sudden cardiac arrest survived. Studies show that survival rates double when an AED is used by bystanders before EMS arrives. While we hope never to use it, having an AED available is a wise and potentially life-saving investment for our cycling community.

Please support our mission to make cycling events in Greater Cleveland safer for everyone!

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