Beach 2 Beach Ride

Beach 2 Beach

Join Bike Cleveland as we appreciate and take advantage of our wonderful lakefront on the first ever Beach 2 Beach Ride.

The day will begin at 3pm with a volunteer beach clean-up at Edgewater State Park with the Friends of Edgewater Statepark and Drink Local Drink Tap followed. Meet at the Honey Hut Pavilion.

Following the cleanup at 4:30PM cyclists will gather back at the Honey Hut Pavilion and take the Lakefront Bikeway to the Euclid Beach Blast.

When you arrive at the Euclid Beach Blast we will park our bikes in the bike corral and enjoy the festivities on the beach.

3pm – Beach Clean-up @ Edgewater State Park (Honey Hut Pavilion)
4:30pm – Beach 2 Beach Ride (along the Lakefront Bikeway)
5pm-8:30pm – Euclid Beach Blast
9pm – After Part Blast @ The Beachland Ballroom

Euclid Beach Blast is a free evening of fun for all ages! Here are the beachy activities:

ART-BEACHLAB art exhibition featuring Project Pop Up Galleries, Steve Ehert and more! Chalk the Walks with Hector Castellanos!

MUSIC-Beachland Ballroom @ the Beach Live Music Series featuring Son Gitano and more!

WORKSHOPS- Make your very own trash art at the Beachcraft Bar! Get your face painted too! Learn about how you can get involved with beach cleanups and other volunteer activities!

GAMES-Hula hooping, Ladder Ball, I Spy beach trash edition, treasure hunts and a live photo and video contest uploaded to our facebook page!

BIKES AND SKATEBOARDS- Join Bike Cleveland’s Beach 2 Beach ride from Edgewater Park to Euclid Beach. Ride the bike obstacle course and catch a half pipe with the Pop Up Skate Kitchen Truck!

FOOD TRUCKS-Not free but still plenty good! We’ll have all your favorites from FiredUp Taco Truck, B&M Barbeque, TD’s Hot Dogs and Hoagies and the world famous East Coast Custard!

AFTER BLAST PARTY-Hop, skip or jump over to the Beachland Ballroom at 9pm for live music featuring the Hi-Risers, drinks and a beach cabana patio!

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