Better Bike Awareness Coming Soon to CLE


In July, 2013 Bike Cleveland will launch a region-wide public awareness campaign aimed at improving motorist awareness of cyclists on Greater Cleveland’s roads. As the number of people riding bikes grows, educating the motoring public on cyclists’ road rights and safely sharing the roads with cyclists takes on increasing importance.

The “Ride Together” campaign was developed with Dix & Eaton as part of their pro-bono services commemorating their 60thanniversary. “Ride Together” is a brand that will capture the emotions of motorists, communicate that bikes are vehicles and everyone needs to respectfully share the road together.

The campaign will be launched through several different mediums to help reach a broad audience. It will consist of:

1. Two Greater Cleveland RTA buses wrapped in photos of people on bikes and branded with our bike safety public awareness messages. These buses will be visible throughout Cuyahoga County for 12 months.

2. A grassroots poster effort to communicate four messages related to the “Ride Together” campaign:

  • Keep Your Distance: Give bicycles at least 3 feet when passing
  • Don’t Blindside Us: Watch for bikes before you turn
  • Reading minds is hard: Be a predictable bicyclist
  • Bikes are legal vehicles on the road

3. A series of three radio PSAs creating a narrative around the four messages noted above.

4. Two video PSAs for initial online viral distribution.

5. A “Ride Together” brochure outlining ways motorists and cyclists can safely operate together.

This Bike Cleveland campaign is made possible with support from Cleveland Touring Club, NOACA, and the Greater Cleveland YMCA. In kind services for the campaign are provided by Keith Berr Photography, Frank J. Lanza Photography, and Dix & Eaton.


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