BIke Cleveland is a proud Community sponsor of the Gay Games 9


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Bike Cleveland is extremely proud to be a community sponsor of Gay Games 9.  We wish all of the events participants, volunteers, organizers, and spectators the best of luck and our members and our staff are doing what they can to make their experience in Northeast Ohio amazing and unforgettable.

Being presented with the opportunity to write an article explaining WHY Bike Cleveland is proud to support the Gay Games I became fixated on the question “Why wouldn’t Bike Cleveland be proud to support this event?”  The bicycling community in Cleveland is diverse and inclusive.  I have met and grown close to many people through bicycling in Cleveland that may not have come into my life otherwise. Bicycling to me is a celebration to which all are invited.  The Gay Games is also such a celebration.  On the landing page of the GG9 website the phrase “The Games for All” stands out in a large font above anything else.

If you read Bike Cleveland’s vision for Northeast Ohio it states “All people—across diverse cultures, income levels, genders, and backgrounds–feel that they have a role in Bike Cleveland.” At Bike Cleveland we work to protect the rights of Northeastern Ohio’s diverse cycling community; a community that includes wonderful individuals who are members of the LGBT community.  In supporting GG9 we are supporting our friends and our community.  It’s 2014 and it need not be more complicated than that.

So on behalf of Bike Cleveland, I would like to welcome everyone who is a part of the Gay Games to our great city.  We are not just proud to support you; we are honored to have you.   I personally, am looking forward to what I believe will be one of the most exciting weeks this city has ever seen this summer. GO ALL OUT!

Benjamin Stewart, Vice Chair of Bike Cleveland Programming and Events Committee

Bike Cleveland builds livable communities by promoting all forms of cycling and advocating for the rights and equality of the cycling community.





What are the Gay Games?

The Gay Games are an international sporting and cultural event held eve
ry four years. Launched in 1982, the Games invite participation from all athletes—regard
less of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic or artistic ability, age, physical challenge or health status. The Games offer a safe environment for LGBT competitors and are open to anyone 18 years or older. Typically, about 10% of participants are non-LGBT, often friends and family who participate to show their support.

“The Gay Games are not separatist, they are not exclusive, they are not oriented to victory, and they are not for commercial gain. They are, however, intended to bring a global community together in friendship, to experience participation, to elevate consciousness and self-esteem, and to achieve a form of cultural and intellectual synergy…. We are involved in the process of altering opinions whose foundations lie in ignorance. We have the opportunity to take the initiative on critical issues that affect the quality of life and we can serve in a way that makes all people the beneficiary.” – Dr. Tom Waddell, creator of the Gay Games

Why Cleveland/ Akron?cycling

Cleveland + Akron was chosen to host the Games because of our superb sports venues, affordable accommodations, accessible transportation, the support of our diverse civic leadership and our ability to create change




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